Praise for Fairly Familiar, Dani J. Norwell’s debut short stories collection

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Must Read

A collection of stories that will touch your heart, inspire and offer a novel perspective on family, children, love, life and death.

—Reedsy Review of Fairly Familiar

Definitely Familiar

After the first story, you understand the title of the book. It is very easy to relate to the family dynamics in each story, be it personally, or through someone else you know.

—Amazon Customer Review

A Lovely Collection of Stories

Fairly Familiar explores one of the most common human bonds – family – in a way that proves that there is no “one size fits all” in this nearly universal experience. Themes of love, loss, connection, and humanity play out across these stories in a compelling, relatable, and readable way.

—Chelsea, Amazon Review

Dynamic Relationships with a Twist

This book is captivating. I purchased the digital copy just before bed and planned to give it a quick look before going to sleep. 45 minutes later, I realized I was still reading.

—Kelly, Amazon Review

Page turning, thought provoking, and relatable stories

In each and every story I could easily relate to the characters and feel the pain, anger, and joy they all experienced in their own ways. Some of the stories even helped me put my own struggles into perspective and put my feelings into words that I didn't know how to express on my own. I can't wait to read her future works!

—Brenda, Amazon Review

Looking forward to Dani J. Norwell's next book

I found this collection of short stories an interesting read and really enjoyed the comfortable writing style. Many of the characters/stories in the book are easy to relate to as they deal with circumstances that effect almost every family.

—Steve, Goodreads Review

Fairly Familiar cropped fully
It was amazing

...even in the author’s brevity she found a way to show, not tell who these people are in the limited number of pages you get with them. I think this bodes well for this young author, she has so many stories to share and I cannot wait for the next book!

—Alexandria, Goodreads Review

I didn't realize it, but I love short stories

I cried, I recognized family members, I was happy when everything turned out, and I was sad when it didn't. Ms. Norwell did a great job in developing the characters in such a short time, and once I started a story I did stay awake until it was finished. I look forward to reading her next book of short stories.

—Becky, Goodreads Review

Stories of Redemption

This author finds a way to build a deep connection between the reader and the stories through vulnerability and raw emotions. As a reader, I wanted to savor each story.

—Jamie, Goodreads Review

Fairly Familiar cropped fully
We recognize parts of ourselves and our own journeys in the very real human struggles

In this collection of short stories, Norwell embarks on the ambitious project of creating deeply emotional and intimate moments for both the characters and the readers in the span of just a few pages. Norwell consistently hits her mark.

–Nora, Goodreads Review

I enjoyed this collection of short stories about families.

The author explores different perspectives and points-of-view throughout, which makes the stories feel relatable and familiar, as well as complex. Looking forward to her next collection!

—Clara, Goodreads Review

I throughly enjoyed Dani’s first collection of short stories

Bad Bauhaus, Finding Solace, and Sullen Eyes were my favorites; I would definitely want to read more about Karrie and Mike’s relationship. Look forward to reading the new stories set in Spain.

—Lynanne, Goodreads Review

Each story felt so real...

thanks to Norwell paying close attention to the finer details that bring characters and story to life. And although this collection focuses on familiar experiences, I noted a rich theme of finding one's self engrained in the stories as well... If you enjoy a book where you can fall into many different aspects of what it means to be human through realistic experience, this collection is for you.

—Tara, Amazon Review

In a year that has magnified the importance of relationships with family and friends...

it was interesting to watch how those relationships flourished or floundered in each story, often hinging on the characters’ ability or willingness to communicate with one another in an open/honest way.

—Ruth, Amazon Review

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Fairly Familiar: A Collection of Story Stories

Family—what could be more familiar and yet different for each of us? Fairly Familiar is filled with stories of connection, disappointment, and love. Just as no two families are alike, no two stories are alike. Yet, each one uses the backdrop of a family to explore the inner workings of our shared humanity.


About the Author

An American author living in the south of Spain, Dani J. Norwell writes fiction that is real, raw, and relatable. From themes of connection, disappointment, and family bonds in her debut, Fairly Familiar, to topics such as exploration, self-discovery, and life abroad in her upcoming collection of stories, Snapshots of Spain, there’s something for everyone in a DJN book.


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