Versions – a Snapshots of Spain story (#2)

Are there really multiple versions fighting each other inside of us?

Steve has always had a clear plan. As a college-aged student, he carefully chose his study abroad destination in Spain, envisioning using his Spanish twenty-four hours a day and fully immersing in the Spanish culture. He hadn’t accounted for the fellow American students would become the cinco amigos and he certainly hadn’t planned on the weird life lessons that would be imparted upon them by pilgrims of “The Way.”

However, while studying abroad in Santiago de Compostela—the endpoint of the famous Camino de Santiago pilgrimage—Steve learns more about life than he bargains for. In fact, it’s the words of one odd pilgrim in particular, Sem, that will eventually drive him to return to Spain in his early adulthood and experience the fabled Camino de Santiago for himself.

Will Steve find a new version of himself along The Way? Will he finally make peace with what Sem had to say all those years ago? More importantly, will he finally make peace with his own life? The answers will have to be found en Camino.



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