Will – a Snapshots of Spain story (#7)

When others told Hannah that her study abroad experience would be life-changing, they had no idea.

Just as Hannah’s older cousin warned her, studying abroad in Santiago de Compostela turns out to be a life-altering experience…but not for the reasons Renée would have thought. When Hannah arrives in Spain, she’s quiet and uncertain. Thanks to the outgoing group of friends that forms around her, she quickly finds herself stepping out of her comfort zone. Her budding relationship with Jeff proves to be equal parts exciting, frustrating, and eye-opening.

Along the famous Camino de Santiago pilgrimage, Hannah realizes something that will change everything.

Hit with the realization that she wants to be like Jeff, not with Jeff, she begins to confront pieces of her personality that have never felt quite right. Hannah retreats into herself, delving deep into a self-discovery journey that will lead her to discover the meaning of transgender and to come to terms with her…well, his true identity.



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