Fairly Familiar

Family—what could be more familiar and yet different for each of us? Fairly Familiar is filled with stories of connection, disappointment, and love. Just as no two families are alike, no two stories are alike. Yet, each one uses the backdrop of a family to explore the inner workings of our shared humanity.

Included in this collection:

Kim is a hardworking mother who would do anything for her daughter. But is her daughter’s childhood drifting away in the process?

Follow Jeremy on his quest to right his father’s wrongs. The journey entails a will, three lovers, and a son’s unwavering resolve.

Accompany three siblings as they grapple with their mother’s battle with dementia and what to do with the family home.

Kate has spent her entire life trying to live up to family expectations and traditions. At the Cheerleading National Championship will she finally choose to live for herself?

Accompany Lizzie and Ronald as they take very different approaches to dealing with their father’s cancer. Will the siblings ever find common ground?

Krista falls in with the wrong crowd, but people aren’t what they seem to be.

Karrie is the behavioral analyst of an autistic girl named Margot, but sometimes it’s the behavior of the girl’s father that concerns her most.

Follow actress Annie’s struggle between the life she once lived—her small town home and the parents who once disowned her—and the new life she’s set up for herself in Los Angeles.



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What are readers saying?



A collection of stories that will touch your heart, inspire and offer a novel perspective on family, children, love, life and death.

The characters are multidimensional. There are no good guys and bad guys. They are all a product of their experiences. The reader is not served perfectly happy endings but rather food for thought. I enjoyed every one of the stories and highly recommend this book. The narration is relatable and reminds us to reserve judgment as there may be an underlying story yet to be told.

—Gail on Reedsy, five star review



All the stories in the collection are different, each beautifully written and powerful in its own way.

This book makes you think. It makes you feel. It awakens memories and triggers different emotions. It reminds you of the lessons you’ve learned through your own experience.

—Elena on Goodreads, five star review



Dani does such a great job of drawing you into the story, and leaving you with a breath of fresh air by the end, or in one stories case in particular, questioning the choice.

There’s bound to be something everyone can relate too in these pages.

—Emmalee on Goodreads, five star review