Most Unlikely

When life throws its harshest curveballs, who will we become?

Stacy’s life is a mess. At only twenty-eight, her pending divorce from Todd has left her feeling lost and directionless, her doubts over motherhood casting a long shadow on her uncertain future.

But then she meets Harry, the owner of the beautiful home in Havenswood that she and Todd always envisioned living in. Over home-cooked meals and deep conversation, the seventy-five-year-old man turns into one of Stacy’s closest friends. Emboldened by Harry’s unwavering belief in her, she begins to approach life differently, take on new challenges, and grow into a new version of herself.

Just as Stacy begins to find her way and settle into this newfound friendship, the threat of house sales, health issues, and other disappointments loom large. Are Stacy’s new outlook on life and growing confidence enough to see her through the storms? Can her friendship with Harry withstand the secret she has kept from him?

This touching and insightful story explores unlikely friendships and self-discovery in a way that fans of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and Friends and Strangers will adore.



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What are readers saying?


A reminder that while life is by no means simple and fair, it’s still beautifully unpredictable and so, so rewarding.
I absolutely loved following Stacy’s journey.

—Elena on Goodreads, five star review



I really really liked this book! It had me hooked from the start, I felt like I was actually in the places being described…
The characters are just perfection…
I felt genuinely happy whilst reading this book, it just radiates positivity and good vibes!

—Phoebe on Instagram, four star review



I also appreciated how Stacy was allowed to be messy at this turning point in her life.
There was no rush to tie up her story with a perfect bow, and that made the twists and turns of the plot feel true-to-life.
Women are often expected to “have all the answers” and play the role of problem-solver and caretaker,
and Dani J. Norwell fleshes out a complex character who is still figuring life out for herself.

—Chelsea on Goodreads, five star review



Reading this felt like being wrapped in a tight hug. I think that everyone needs a Harry in their life.

—Sam on Goodreads, five star review



Norwell’s writing style is evocative and lyrical, enabling readers to immerse themselves fully in the story’s atmosphere…
The prose is skillfully crafted, effectively conveying the characters’ thoughts, struggles, and triumphs…
Most Unlikely beautifully ties together the threads of friendship and art, leaving the reader with a sense of hope and fulfillment.

—Sarah on Goodreads and The StoryGraph, four star review



Dani has the power to make characters come to life:
you see them, you feel them and you are suddenly captured by the storyline.

—Cory on The StoryGraph, five star review



Harry & Stacy are seriously the cutest friendship I’ve read about in awhile.
His character is just the sweetest old man! In my head he was “Noah” from The Notebook…
It’s truly a beautiful story of an unlikely friendship and how it is truly possible to find yourself and your true calling, no matter what anyone else says or thinks.

—Joanna on Instagram, four star review



I finished this book just over a week ago and I still think about Harry and Stacy’s story everyday.
Seeing the parallels of their respective journeys was beautiful and I loved how they both found new hope through their friendship.

—Devin on Instagram, five star review



The writing was so quick and easy to read, containing lots of dialog that was such a pleasure to read.
I found myself picking this book up when my other reads were getting a bit slow.

—Madi on Goodreads, four star review



One of the most enjoyable aspects of the book for me were the heartwarming and meaningful conversations shared between Harry and Stacy…
Overall, this contemporary women’s fiction novel by Dani J Norwell beautifully weaves together the story of two unlikely friends
who find solace, joy, and personal growth in each other’s presence.

—Usha on Goodreads, five star review



Most Unlikely painted a beautiful picture that shows how the right friendship, at the right time, can help us grow into the person we want to become.

—Emmalee on Amazon, four star review



Relatable, charming, and captivating! Great debut for DJN!

—Jamie on Goodreads, five star review