Old Friends – a Snapshots of Spain story (#5)

Our oldest friends should know us best, but do they?

For three years, Kara has waited patiently for her three best friends to visit her in Alicante, where she works for PEI, an American study abroad program. The stars have finally aligned for the trip to come to fruition, but it doesn’t play out the way that any of them had expected.

Instead of spending as much time as possible together during their visit and seamlessly reconnecting, the quartet feels disjointed. Lauren and Jen are each sneaking off and leaving Andrea and Kara to feel abandoned. It turns out that each girl is harboring secrets and unspoken grievances. Each feels she has changes in ways she doesn’t expect her friends to understand.

Only time can tell if the blowout that’s bound to happen between these old friends will reconnect them or destroy their friendship.



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